Developmental Workshops & Seminars

1) Chef Joseph's  Food & Recipe Development Entrepreneur's Boot camps  

2) Chef Joseph's Kidpreneurs Workshops

3) Chef Joseph's Ginger & Alkaline 10.4

Workshops and Seminars Overview

Our company offers two types of workshop and seminar teaching programs which are designed and delivered through our unique and innovative Power Point presentation slide shows. Our workshops and seminars are geared for several different markets of interest; Youth Organizations, Businesses and Religious Establishments. Even if you don't own a business or have a religious organization affiliation and just want to develop your "Special Recipe," you can still benefit from our training programs. Our workshops and training programs are designed to teach you the Step-by-Step process of developing your recipes and entrepreneurial ideas. Through our proven business models and recipe development principals, we offer a hands on step-by-step comprehensive business training blueprint. Through the use of our slide show presentations, we will teach you how to create your vision and brand your entrepreneurial abilities & recipe ideas.

Developing Recipes God's Way!

This program is for churches, ministries, and religious organizations. This platform is based on biblical scriptures that is sure to bring all "Christian Believers” in alignment with their God given purpose! It is specifically designed for Churches and Ministry Organizations wanting to take their cooking and pastry ministries straight to the top! He has given seed to the sower (2 Corinthians 9:10). Our ministries are filled with the “talents” of many cooks and pastry makers who don't know how to execute God's Plan for their life! God says that now, “it is time for you to use and multiply your Gifts”! Spiritual Leaders, now is the time to equip your food and kitchen ministries with our "Scriptural Based" Power Point slide presentation. These programs will teach you and your congregation how to develop your gifts inside of the kitchen and turn them into  "Full Fledged Businesses!

Get ready to manifest the gifts and talents that God has given to you, inside of the kitchen!

Chef Joseph's Entrepreneurs Bootcamp

The Chef Joseph's Entrepreneurs Boot camp program is designed to teach entrepreneurs and and people who want to start a business how to get started with their businesses. We teach the Step-by-Step process on how to develop your businesses from concept to the end of development. Be prepared to face your obstacles head on as we will cover how to conquer your fears and to extinguish them and prevail!