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You may schedule one of our programs for your Ministry or Business Organization:  

1) Recipe Development Seminars- Informative Power Point Videos and Teaching 

2) Recipe Development Workshops- Interactive Step-by-Step Book Teaching on "Developing your 


3) Chef Joseph's Kidpreneurs Workshops- Teaching our Youth how to Visualize and Build Their

    Business! You may schedule each event individually or as a package.


For Business Consulting, Seminars, Events, and Bookings, email us at:


Table of Contents

1) Perfecting your Recipe

2) Choosing a Name

3) Your Logo and Design

4) Pricing and Cost Analyzation

5) Regulations and Statues

6) Making you Products Safe for Human Consumption

7) Business Licenses and Zoning

8) EIN/ Tax ID Numbers and Paying Sales Tax

9) FDA and Food Facility Registrations

10) Insuring your Products and your Business 

11) Photos, Marketing, and Branding

12) The Retail Market

13) The Journey

Chef Joseph's Virtual Video Training Package