Recipe & Business Development

You may schedule one of our "Seminars and Workshops" for your Ministry or Business Organization:  

1) Recipes & Food Development- Taking your recipes and food ideas to the NEXT LEVEL!

2) Entrepreneur Boot camps- Interactive "Step-by-Step" teaching on "Developing your Entrepreneur Abilities, Business Ideas, and Business Structures"  

3) Chef Joseph's Kidpreneurs Workshops- Teaching our Youth how to Visualize and Build Their

    Businesses starting at a young age! You may schedule each event individually or as a package.


For Business Consulting, Seminars, Events or Bookings, email us at:

Contents Covered In Guide:

The "Entrepreneurs Market Ready Guide" is designed to teach you the necessary steps and contact procedures on how to go about developing your recipes, food products, and business ideas. It will teach you how to structure your products for the "Retail Market". Some of the topics covered are: your business strategy, your professional logo, how to properly price your product, and how to properly position your retail products for business and much more!