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When you mention Hot sauce, mention CHEF JOSEPH'S Original Chicago Style Kick Sauce. We carry three levelsof Flavor and Heat, Mild Kick, Hot Kick, and Hot Kicker Kick Sauces. When we say you can put these sauces on everything, we mean everything, from Salmon to fried, baked, or broiled Fish; baked, broiled, rotisserie, or fried Chicken; baked or fried Pork Chops; Chili, Beans, Ribs, and Vegetables the list goes on! Our products also taste extraodinary on the Vegan Dishes of your choice! Our products are made and manufactured with the utmost respect for our customers and promotes Better Health with tremendous flavor!


Brewed and steeped with the finest of sauce and sauce ingredients with ''Mango Habanero Peppers'' that will easily enhance any food product or products of your choice to theTHIRD POWER(3x)! We have a unique universal Kick Sauce that must be experienced that will make you return again and again. Just look at the pictures and see the versatility of our Kick Sauces. Our enjoyment comes from our unique "Time Released Kick" with blended flavors that many of our customers experience when they try our products. With the Pizzazz of Chicago,The Bark of Blazing,The Sweetness of the Mango, The Rise of the Habanero, and to the "357" for the Kick! Makes CHEF JOSEPH'S Original Chicago Style Kick Sauces your #1 choice for your premium Mild, Hot and Hot Kicker Kick Sauces!