"Our Unique Flavor"

When you mention hot sauce, Chef Joseph's Original Chicago Style Kick Sauces should come to mind. Ours is a product that can compete with the best of the best! Chef Joseph’s Kick Sauce can be used on everything. When we say everything, we mean everything!!! That is everything from fish, fried or baked, including salmon and tuna; rotisserie chicken; pork chops, however you like them; Ribs, Chili Beans, and Vegetables! The list goes on and on!!! Chef Joseph's Original Chicago Style Kick Sauces also add that extra ZING you’ve been craving; enhancing the flavor of your favorite Vegan Dishes! We manufacture our products with the utmost admiration for our customers, promoting Better Health with the addition of tremendous flavor!

​Ours is a unique, distinctive taste that must be experienced, as it cannot be adequately described. But, the one thing we can promise is that you will return, over and over again. We’ve taken special care to brew and steep our sauces with the freshest, finest ingredients that easily boosts its flavor to the 9th degree, starting with the unique taste of “Mango Habanero Peppers.”  Our enjoyment comes from taking these ingredients, blending them just right to obtain a "Time Released Kick" that is executed with the Pizzazz of Chicago, The Bark of Blazing, The Sweetness of Mango, The Rise of Habanero, in addition to the "357" from which the kick is derived!

Make Chef Joseph's Original Chicago Style Kick Sauce the #1 choice for your premium Kick Sauce!