You know this Kick Sauce has got to be good, I just gave away my coffee money!!! Dang!!!


​All I can say is “Look Out” to the other brands. This stuff is the real deal!


​Got to have another bottle! Please contact me, I got a bottle not too long ago and I’m already out. Enhances all foods! Don't want the brands out of the store!​ Delicioussss! Brings out all the flavors in any dish.


Thank you so very much for enhancing my taste buds.


​Hey Chef! Fantastic Bro, I had it on my chicken yesterday and it truly has a very unique taste. Great product. You have a winner!


​Man I was at a cookout and accidentally set my bottle of Chef Joseph's Kick Sauce down and when I turned my back, what do you know, MY BOTTLE GREW LEGS AND WALKED AWAY! WHAT A MIRACLE! I need one more please!


​My family was talking about you the very next day. When you come again, your admission will be two bottles of kick sauce. One mild and one hot. They Loved It!


​U have the best hot sauce I have ever tasted in my life, stay the course.


​Man, I just had some Chef Joseph's Kick Sauce on my left-over turkey, what an awesome combination mm-mm!!!! I Love It MAAAAAN :)


​My wife and I own a restaurant. The two bottles that you left for our restaurant were FANTASTIC! However, I have some Good news and some Bad news. The Good news is that MY FAMILY LOVED IT AND EMPTIED OUT BOTH BOTTLES!!! The Bad news is that they NEVER MADE IT TO THE RESTAURANT!!! LOL!!!!!!!


​Well my friend, I think you are faced with a situation with two sets of problems.The first problem isn’t bad for you but it is for your competitors, because their hot sauces can't even come close! The second problem is KEEPING UP WITH THE DEMAND! NOW THAT'S A GOOD PROBLEM!!!


​I'm a fan... I tried the "Kick Sauce" in my "She Crab Soup" and on some fried flounder for lunch today.... Both the hot and mild sauces were good, but the "Hot" packed a lot more flavor and punch and is now my personal favorite....


​Tried the Kick Sauce. This is definitely the best hot sauce I've ever had! Everyone in the office loves it and we will continue to order! I will pass the word!