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 The Chef Joseph's Exclusive "HOT KICKER Kick SAUCE'' with 160,000 Scoville units is by far to be considered to be one of the BEST Hot Sauces in it's Class with Tremendous Heat and Flavor. This ''New Hot Kicker Kick Sauce'' is not only Good, But it is Extremely Flavorful! Pound for Pound this Kick Sauce with a touch of Mango, Habanero Peppers, and blended with a touch of the Ghost Pepper is several degrees hotter than our "Original Hot Kick Sauce'' and it will Ride you on the Ropes with a series of JABBS and UPPERCUTS without Knocking you Out while you are steadily enjoying Every Single Bite of your Meal! With the Flavor,Heat,Intensity and with it's ''Unique Time Released Kick'' This Kick Sauce will leave your mouth Watering Wanting More and More Every Single Time you Try This! IT IS A MUST TRY Must Have!
Heat Lovers Only Please!!!